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The governing body of the Institute is Council whose membership consists of the immediate three Past Presidents together with not less than 22 and not more than 28 other members consisting of the seven Honorary Officers, 15 Members elected by Corporate Members and not more than six members co-opted by Council. The officers are appointed by Council.

Council meets three times a year and takes a strategic overview of the policies and development of the Institute. The operational control of the Institute is managed through the Executive Board.

The IMA also has various committees which have strategic or statutory functions.

  • Conferences Committee 
  • Early Career Mathematicians Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Higher Education Service Area
  • Journals Board of Management
  • Local Branches Committees
  • Mathematics Today Editorial Board

  • MathsCareers Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Postgraduate and Undergraduate Liaison Operation
  • Professional Affairs Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Schools and Further Education Committee
  • Web Committee


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