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Welcome to the Professional section of our website.

The Institute has a significant professional dimension, maintained and developed by the Professional Affairs Committee which, although comprising largely industrial members, also has academic representation. Professional Affairs within the Institute have been concerned with Initial and Continuing Professional Development, the development of chartered designations and improving our links with and services to industrial and commercial organisations. To keep abreast of developments in professional affairs, the IMA maintains Professional Affiliate status with the Engineering Council and is licensed by the Science Council to award the Chartered Scientist designation.

In this section of our website you will find information about Professional Membership, our Graduate Training Scheme, Initial and Continuing Professional Development. 

Both individuals and organisations can become associated with the IMA in a number of ways. Individuals may join at one of a number of membership grades and become chartered. Organisations may become Corporate Affiliates. It is accepted that Mathematics underpins a modern technological society and a great number of mathematicians in industry, academia and commerce recognise its value and wish to promote it. Association with the IMA is a very effective way to achieve this end and such an association has clear benefits for individuals, organisations and society as a whole.

To describe these benefits in a comprehensive yet succinct manner, the Professional Affairs Committee has produced a series of Value Propositions which make a clear and compelling case for association with the IMA. To access the three documents, please follow the links below:
Please use this information to promote both Mathematics and association with the IMA 

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