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Video and audio resources

Links to mathematical video and audio resources.


The following links are provided for your convenience only and do not imply the Institute's endorsement or approval of the contents of the sites unless specifically stated. The Institute is not responsible for the contents of other sites. 

IconThe world by numbers: How mathematics explains objects and events By Chris Budd CMath FIMA

IconBeing a Professional Mathematician By David Youdan FIMA, Executive Director of the IMA

Icon Mathematics Today Audio recordings of past interviews published in Mathematics Today by IMA Services Officer, Terry Edwards.

IconTravels in a Mathematical World  A mathematics podcast by Peter Rowlett (IMA) featuring mathematicians talking about their work as well as features on maths history and maths news.  

IMA YouTube Channel

IMA YouTube Channel
Mathematics news and education videos.

Mathscareers Channel

Mathscareers Channel
Looking at careers in mathematics and related topics.

IMA Virtual Branch Talk

IMA Virtual Branch Talk
Peter Rowlett gives examples of mathematical puzzles and his recent experiences of using them.

IMA Virtual Branch Talk 2

IMA Virtual Branch Talk 2
Richard Lissaman gives a talk which involves interesting ideas in search engines, games and social networks.

Virtual Maths Talk 3

IMA Virtual Branch Talk 3
Dissections - highlights from a masterclass. A talk by Bernard Murphy.

Calculus Rhapsody

Calculus Rhapsody
By Phil Kirk & Mike Gospel

Video and Audio

DNEG Career Video for Pupils and Students
Some of Double Negative's key artists were invited to talk about their experiences working in the industry and how they use Maths and/or Science from day to day.

Doodling in Maths Class

Doodling in Maths Class
Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant by Vi Hart

Dr Maths Randomness Show

Dr Maths Radomness Show
Understanding if events are random or have some underlying structure is a fascinating area of mathematics, filled with great discoveries.

Engineering for Sport

Engineering for Sport
In this Ri Collection in collaboration with the Centre of Sports Engineering Research at Sheffield Hallam University, Professor Steve Haake presents a hands-on guide to the field of sports engineering.

LKL Maths Art London Knowledge Lab Channel
An archive of videos from the Maths-Art seminars.
Math Maths History Tour

Math/Maths History Tour of Nottingham
A playlist for the three videos on mathematics and computing history in Nottingham from the Math/Maths Podcast's.

Maths in the Movies

More Maths Grads - Maths in the Movies
These films look at mathematical errors in the movies - and get very upset about them. Written and presented by Matt Parker.


Numberphile Channel
A collection of videos about numbers.

TDA Money Savers

An innovative maths teacher has taken to the web with four short films for the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) to explain how to solve modern maths conundrums, while showing the exciting reality of modern maths teaching.


TEDEd Channel
A collection of videos pairing educators with animators to produce a library of educational videos.

Singing Banana The Singing Banana
Weekly videos on mathematical topics from James Grime.



ACME Science Podcast »

'Bite-Sized' History of Mathematics Resources PDF and mp3s available for download »

Gresham College Lectures Past Mathematics Lectures »

HE STEM Programme videos »

History of Maths and x
is an initiative that aims to offer mathematical histories for various topics, x. History of Maths and x »

plus magazine podcasts » Math/Maths Weekly Podcasts »

The Royal Institute Channel includes past Christmas Lectures and a collection of mathematics and other science related videos. Ri Channel Maths »

An introduction to the Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics and System Engineering Smith Institute Channel YouTube »

Inside Science TV, a series of video news segments showing the impact of recent advances in science. Inside Science TV »

Next Gen. This video marks the launch of a major new report by NESTA on how the UK can be transformed into the world's leading talent hub for video games and visual effects. Next Gen. »

Relatively Prime is a series of eight audio documentaries all about the stories behind mathematics Relatively Prime »

Maths Inspiration is one of the largest maths enrichment programmes for teenagers in the UK. In response to demand from teachers and parents, the latest shows specially for students aged 13-16, have been released on DVD. Maths on Screen »