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This section contains news and information about the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and its members.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in mathematics, for more information please go to Why Join?

  • Deloitte Report - Measuring the Economic Benefits of Mathematical Science Research in the UK

    The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has today published the report it commissioned from Deloitte on the economic benefits of mathematical science research in the UK. The Council for the Mathematical Sciences (CMS) and the learned societies worked in partnership with the EPSRC and provided evidence, but the report is an independent study by the consulting firm Deloitte. The report reflects the excellence of the UK mathematics research base, and the impressive and far-reaching impact of the mathematical sciences.

  • Executive Director's Report

    Mathematics Today December 2012

  • SIAM’s John von Neumann Lecture awarded to John Ball

    Sir John Ball FRS FIMA received SIAM’s flagship lecture in recognition of his deep contributions to our understanding of the mechanics of materials.

  • Presidential Address 2012

    On 27 June 2012 at the Royal Society Professor Robert MacKay FRS, CPhys FInstP, CMath FIMA, President of the IMA, delivered his Presidential Address – Complex Systems in Science and Society – to an audience of members and guests.

  • Executive Director's Report

    Mathematics Today October 2012

  • IMA Strategy 2012/2016

    Following Council's quinquennial strategy weekend in Birmingham in March 2011 and subsequent discussions of Council and Executive Board, the IMA strategy for the next five years has been formulated.

  • EPSRC Fellowships

    The Council for the Mathematical Sciences (CMS) has written to EPSRC and the Prime Minister to express its major concerns over the future of the mathematical sciences in the UK as a result of changes to funding being made by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

  • IMA Gold Medal Lecture

    The IMA Summer Lecture took place at the Royal Society on 29 June 2011. The audience comprised Institute members and invited guests from government, industry, education and other professional and learned associations.

  • Mathematics Promotion Unit

    The Mathematics Promotion Unit (MPU) seeks out opportunities for bringing mathematics, and the role of mathematics, to the attention of policymakers and advisers, the wider public and the media. It also provides a resource for UK policymakers, the media and the wider public to call upon.

  • Presidential Address 2008

    Effective Mathematics, Effective Mathematicians I. David Abrahams, Beyer Professor of Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematics, University of Manchester (IMA President 2008-2009)

  • The Council for the Mathematical Sciences

    The Council for the Mathematical Sciences (CMS) was established in 2001 by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and the Royal Statistical Society (RSS).

  • Results of the 2006 Membership Survey

    Council, as part of its continuing review of its strategy for the future development of the IMA, circulated a Membership Survey to all members in May 2006.


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