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e-Student Newsletters
If you are new to e-Student and only received the most recent issue, you may be interested in particular back issues so this is the list of the last 2 years of issues with their themes. If there are any you want me to send to you just drop me a note –

And if you have not yet signed up, have a look at the September 2015 newsletter which has  a Data Science theme or the January 2015 on Cyber security.

September 2015 on Data Science

July 2015 on Research

May 2015 on Mathematical modelling

March 2015 on Journalism

January 2015 on Cyber security

November 2014 on Risk & Project management  and Actuarial work

September 2014 on Engineering and Industtry

July 2014 on Marketing

May 2014 on Mathematical Biology and Health

March 2014 on Computer gaming

January 2014 on Statistics

Writing for the e-Student newsletter
Keen to add to your journalistic credentials?
Please e-mail me any pieces you would like me to include on activities you have carried out as a Maths Society or as an individual with a maths theme. It can be informal such as pi day celebrations but can be technical if you like. Write ups of internships or experiences of attending interviews and assessment centres would be really useful too. Up to 300 words but can be much shorter depending on what suits the activity.
I hope to hear from you, Erica. E-mail to