Postdoctoral Research Associate

A postdoctoral research associate (RA) is sought for a 3-year position at the University of Kent, to assist Professor Andrew Hone in the number theoretical aspects of his 5-year EPSRC fellowship project entitled “Cluster algebras with periodicity and discrete dynamics over finite fields.” You will be expected to work in close collaboration with Professor Hone, and will also interact with Dr Theodoros Kouloukas, a Research Associate currently working on algebraic aspects.

The project concerns the classification of discrete dynamical systems over finite fields, especially those given by birational maps obtained from cluster algebras, as well as the identification of new discrete integrable systems. This requires the participation of a postdoctoral researcher with a strong research track record, in addition to relevant skills and experience in one or more appropriate areas of mathematics.

To apply see:,6952984041&key=51791554&c=897952826554&pagestamp=sefgtwgyoblnlwrvub

Please encourage any suitable people you know to apply.

Image credit: Sibson Building, University of Kent. Photographer Quintin Lake by University of Kent / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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