The following outlines typical expectations of applicants for Chartered designations.

Higher Education – Research Fellows

It will be assumed that all research fellows have obtained a PhD or equivalent.  Research fellows may participate in some lecturing or other teaching activities.

R1      Publishing papers in academic journals
Conduct research on your own initiative and in collaboration with others.  To Practitioner level (4).

R2      Presenting at conferences and symposia
Conduct research on your own initiative and in collaboration with others.  To Experience level (4).

Higher Education – Lecturers

L1      Presentation and tutorial skills
Carry out lecturing and tutorial activities.  To Practitioner level (4).

L2      Course Development
Contribution to the development of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. To Experience level (3).

L3      Academic research
Conduct research and research activities similar to those carried out by research fellows.  To Experience level (3).

L4      Academic administration
Contribute to admissions, examinations and other departmental activities. To Experience level (3).

L5      Inter-disciplinary working & communication
Work with colleagues in other disciplines.  To Experience level (3).

L6      Demonstrate an empathy with students
To Practitioner level (4).

Schools and FE Teaching and Lecturing

Hold a post of special responsibility for mathematics and/or teaching to post-GCSE standard.

S1      Presentation and tutorial skills.
Teach classes.  To Practitioner level (4).

S2      Curriculum development
Contribute to curriculum development.  To Experience level (3).

S3      Develop extra-curricular maths activities
Contribute to extra-curricular mathematical activities.  To Experience level (3).

S4      Apply the national curriculum
Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of national curriculum issues and other government initiatives.  To Experience level (3).

S5      Relate effectively with students
Demonstrate an empathy with students and young people.  To Practitioner level (4).

S6      Advise students on career opportunities
Demonstrate an awareness of opportunities for mathematics students in higher education and employment.  To Knowledge level (2).

In Commerce, Engineering, Finance, Science and Technology

B1      Professional mathematical standing
Hold a position of professional standing within your organisation.  To Practitioner level (4).

B2      Business/commercial awareness/innovation
Demonstrate the implementation of a project related to your employment involving the application of mathematics. Demonstrate relevant commercial, communication and management expertise.  To Practitioner level (4).