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Tuesday September 19, 2017 Thursday September 21, 2017 Europe/London IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application Centre for Mathematical Sciences Wilberforce RdCambridgeCB3 0WAUK LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Google+ Related Posts9th IMA International Conference on Modelling in…The Origins of General RelativityIMA Conference on Numerical Methods […] Event Link:

IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application

In collaboration with Turing Gateway to Mathematics

Programme (pdf)

An inverse problem denotes the task of computing an unknown physical quantity from indirect measurements. The corresponding forward problem maps the physical quantity to the measurements. In most realistic situations the solution of the inverse problem is challenging, complicated by incomplete and noisy measurements, as well as non-invertible forward operators which render the inverse problem ill-posed (that is lack of stability and/or uniqueness of solutions). Inverse problems appear in many practical applications in biology, medicine, weather forecasting, chemistry, engineering, physics, to name but a few, and their analysis and solution presents considerable challenges in mathematics and statistics. This conference will bring together mathematicians and statisticians, working on theoretical and numerical aspects of inverse problems, and engineers, physicists and other scientists, working on challenging inverse problem applications.  We welcome industrial representatives, doctoral students, early career and established academics working in this field to attend.

Conference topics

  • Imaging
  • Regularisation theory
  • Statistical inverse problems
  • Large-Scale Inverse Problems and Sampling
  • Data assimilation
  • Inverse problem applications

The deadline for submissions has now passed.

Invited Speakers

Dr Marta M. Betcke (University College London)
Professor Dan Crisan (Imperial College London)
Professor Jari Kaipio (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Professor Dirk Lorenz (TU Braunschweig, Germany)
Professor Bill Symes (Rice University)
Dr Tanja Tarvainen (University of Eastern Finland)

Please expand the titles below to view the lists of accepted contributed talks and posters. A full programme will be available in due course.

List of Oral Presentations

Parameter estimation for subsurface flow using data assimilation
S.Ruchi and S.Dubinkina (CWI)

Improving Image Quality for Electrical Impedance Imaging: Incorporating Spatial Priors directly into Nonlinear D-bar Methods
S. Hamilton

Joint motion estimation and reconstruction in dynamic X-ray tomography
A. Hauptmann, M. Burger, H. Dirks, L. Frerking, T. Helin, and S. Siltanen

A phase-field approach to an inverse problem related to a semilinear elliptic equation arising in cardiac electrophysiology
L. Ratti, E. Beretta and M. Verani

Uniqueness and reconstruction formulas for phase retrieval via reference objects – with applications in coherent diffractive imaging
S. Maretzke and T. Hohage (University of Goettingen)

Iterative regularization on a shape–manifold and applications to inverse obstacle scattering
J. Eckhardt, T. Hohage and M. Wardetzky (University of Goettingen)

Randomized Kaczmarz method for inverse problems
B. Jin (University College London)

Convergence Rates for Inverse Medium Scattering in Banach Spaces
F. Weidling and T. Hohage (University of Goettingen)

Improving Compressed Sensing Photoacoustic Tomography by Simultaneous Motion Estimation
F. Lucka, S. Arridge, P. Beard, M. Betcke, B. Cox, N. Huynh and E. Zhang

Evaluation of high frequency approximation to forward and inverse problem in photoacoustic tomography
F. Rullan and M. Betcke (University College London)

Hierarchical Bayesian Ensemble Kalman Inversion
N. Chada, A. Stuart and L. Roininen (University of Warwick)

Multiple Bayesian Inversions of Image Data using Metropolis-within-Gibbs
D. Chakrabarty (University of Loughborough)

Increasing resolution in magnetorelaxometry imaging using ADMM with total variation and additional constraints
J. Föcke and M. Burger (WWU Münster)

Reduced basis methods for MREIT
D. Garmatter and B. Harrach (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Inverse thermal coefficient problems
K. Cao and D. Lesnic (University of Leeds)

Glottal Inverse Filtering using the Acoustical Klein-Gordon Equation
E. Pike

From coins to landmines: how (generalised) magnetic polarizability tensors can assist in metal detection
P.D. Ledger (Swansea University) and W.R.B. Lionheart (University of Manchester)

Magnetization moment recovery using Kelvin transformation and Fourier analysis
L. Baratchart, J. Leblond (Projet APICS, INRIA), E. A. Lima (MIT) and D. Ponomarev (Laboratoire POEMS, ENSTA ParisTech)

High-dimensional uncertainty estimation with sparse priors for radio interferometric imaging
J. McEwen, X. Cai, M. Pereyra

Active-subspace analysis of speckle-based characterisation of particle suspensions
M. Karamehmedovic

Multiplicative Decomposition for Fringe Removal in Interferometric Images using Nonconvex Optimization
M. Nikolova (Université Paris-Saclay)

Inferring refractive index and size distribution of spherical microparticles from extinction spectra
J. Gienger, M. Bar and J. Neukammer (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB))

Unmatched Projector/Backprojector Pairs: Perturbation and Convergence Analysis
P. Hansen (Technical University of Denmark) and T. Elfving (Linköping University)

Higher order variational inequalities and convergence rates for Bregman iteration
B. Sprung and T. Hohage (University of Goettingen)

Numerical identification of sparse reaction networks
T. Raasch

Maximum-a-posteriori estimation with Bayesian confidence regions
M. Pereyra

Accelerated Stochastic PDHG by Non-Uniform Sampling
M. Ehrhardt

A consistent and numerically efficient method for large scale Poisson inverse problems
S. Guastavino and F. Benvenuto

Bayesian inference with error variable splitting and sparsity enforcing priors for linear inverse problems
A. Mohammad-Djafari

Optimal nonparametric inference for discretely observed compound Poisson processes
A. Coca (University of Cambridge)

Jeffreys and conjugate priors for hyperparameters in Bayesian approach for inverse problems
M. Dumitru and A. Mohammad-Djafari (Université Paris-Saclay)

Quasi-conformal Statistical Shape Analysis of Hippocampal Surfaces for Alzheimer Disease Analysis
H. Li (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Bayesian Probabilistic Numerical Methods
J. Cockayne (University of Warwick) Chris Oates (University of Technology Sydney) Tim Sullivan (Free University of Berlin and Zuse Institute Berlin) Mark Girolami (Imperial College London)

List of Poster Presentations

A Convex Reconstruction Model for X-ray Tomographic Imaging with Uncertain Flat-fields
H. Aggrawal, Martin S. Andersen, Sean Rose, and Emil Y. Sidky

Synthetic schlieren tomography of ultrasound fields
A. Pulkkinen (University of Eastern Finland)

Nonlinear material decomposition using a regularized iterative scheme based on the Bregman distance
J.F.P.J Abascal, N. Ducros, S. Rit, F. Peyrin (Université Lyon)

A minimax criterion for choosing the regularization parameter in Tikhonov regularization
F. Benvenuto

Compressive BSDF Reconstruction in Light Transport
J. Zhang (Dalian University of Technology)

Elastic Full Waveform Inversion: macrovelocity reconstruction
K. Gadylshin

Numerical and analytical investigation of pattern formation in Fitzhugh-Nagumo reaction-diffusion system
A. Kazarnikov, H. Haario (University of Technology) and S. Revina (Southern Federal University)

A reconstruction for an inverse problem in a slab
A. Boumenir (University of West Georgia)

The mechanisms of keratin dynamics: an inverse problem in mathematical biology
E. Campillo-Funollet

Hierarchical Bayesian Inversion Model for Daily Maximum Temperature Variability
A. Mohammed, T. Berhane (Bahir Dar University) and L. Roininen (Imperial College London)

Singular value analysis of Joint Inversion
J. Mead and J. Ford (Boise State University)

Investigation of the statistical properties of observation data errors
N. Zakharova, V. P Shutyaev (Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS) and E. I Parmuzin (MIPT)

Searching for High Density Material in Cargo Containers Using Gravity Gradiometry
D. Leahy

New approaches to formulation of domain decomposition algorithms based on theory of inverse problems and variational data assimilation
N. Lezina (INM RAS) and V. Agoshkov (INM RAS, MIPT and MSU)

Variational data assimilation problem for the Baltic Sea thermodynamics model
E. Parmuzin, N. B Zakharova (Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS), V. P Shutyaev (Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, and MIPT) and V. Agoshkov (INM RAS, MIPT and MSU)

Detecting Hidden Corrosion by an Inverse Heat Conduction Problem and Thermal Imaging
J. Niyobuhungiro (University of Rwanda)

Stochastic derivation and solution of simplified radiative transfer using the Fokker-Planck equation
K. Linder-Steinlein

Sensitivity of the optimal solution of variational data assimilation problems
V. Shutyaev, F.-X.Le Dimet, E.Parmuzin (INM RAS, MIPT)

Conference Fees

Registration is open via

IMA Member £285
IMA Student £190
Non IMA Member £380
Non IMA Student £200


PLEASE NOTE Bookings for accommodation and the conference dinner are now closed, as numbers are now finalised with the venue. Please email for further details.

Residential Fee
£200 including single en suite bed and breakfast accommodation for the nights of Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 September, at the nearby Murray Edwards College, plus the conference dinner on the evening of Wednesday 20 September

Conference Dinner £45 on Wednesday 20 September for non-residents

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Organising Committee

Carola‐Bibiane Schönlieb (Cambridge University) ‐ Chair
Cristiana Sebu (Oxford Brookes) – Co-chair
Paul Ledger (Swansea University)
Bill Lionheart (University of Manchester)

Scientific Committee

Simon Arridge (University College London)
Martin Burger (University of Münster)
Daniela Calvetti (Case Western Reserve University)
Paul Childs
Barbara Kaltenbacher (University of Klagenfurt)
Roland Potthast (University of Reading)
Samuli Siltanen (University of Helsinki)

Further information

For general conference queries please contact Lizzi Lake, Conference Officer Email: Tel: +44 (0) 1702 354 020 Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Catherine Richards House, 16 Nelson Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 1EF, UK

Image credit: Centre for Mathematical Sciences by © University of Cambridge

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