An annual membership subscription fee is required in order to maintain your membership of the Institute. Please follow the links below for fee details on:

Payment methods

Payment can be made via Bank transfer, Credit/Debit Card or Cheque.

Bank Transfer – should you choose this method please ensure you include your membership number in the ‘Payee Reference’ so your payment can be identified Bank Account details.

Credit/Debit Card – Cards accepted are Electron / Maestro / MasterCard / VISA / VISA Debit / V PAY.

Applications made via myIMA may be paid by card during the application.
Payment of invoices raised during the application process may also be paid via myIMA. Applicants should logon and select the My Transactions option.

Cheque – made payable to: Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Institute of Mathematics or IMA. Send to Membership department.

Relevant Pages

Applying for Membership

The Institute regrets that applications cannot be processed until the correct fees are received.


If you were previously a member of the Institute but have let your membership lapse you may apply for reinstatement.