Membership grades cover three groups: professional people who qualify for Advanced membership, people in various stages of education and initial training who may apply for General membership as an Associate Member or a Student Member prior to progressing to Advanced membership, and those with an interest in mathematics who wish to participate in learned activities or to support the work of the Institute who may apply for General membership as an Affiliate Member. Advanced Members and General Members are both categories of Corporate membership of the Institute.

Five grades of membership are offered:

Advanced Membership

  • Fellows – FIMA
  • Members – MIMA

Once a Fellow or MIMA, you may apply for Chartered Mathematician status.

General Membership

  • Associate Members – AMIMA
  • Student Members
  • Affiliate Member

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Fellows – FIMA have an appropriate degree, followed by a minimum of seven years’ experience and hold a senior managerial or technical position involving the use of, or training in, mathematics.


Members – MIMA have an appropriate degree, a minimum period of three years’ training and experience after graduation and a position of responsibility involving the application of mathematical knowledge or training in mathematics.

Associate Member

Associate Members – AMIMA hold a degree in mathematics, a degree in mathematics in combination with another subject, a joint degree in mathematics with another subject or a degree with a sufficient mathematical component such as would be expected in physics or engineering.


Student Members are pursuing course of study leading to a qualification that meets Associate Member requirements.


Affiliate Member is a grade for those who do not wish to show their mathematical qualifications. There is no requirement for entry into this grade.