Proceedings from IMA selected conferences. IMA conference series include:

IMA International Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing

Signal processing constitutes an important area for the application of mathematical concepts and techniques fuelled, for example, by developments in mobile communications, networks, multimedia system, genomics and bioengineering, neural signal processing, big data processing and internet of things.


IMA Conference on Mathematics of Surfaces

Computer-based methods for the capture, construction, representation, fitting, interrogation and manipulation of complicated surfaces have led to a wide interest in, and need for, the mathematics of surfaces and related topics including curves, motions and computational geometry. Many applications require the use of surface descriptions, especially in such fields as computer aided design and manufacturing, isogeometric analysis, computer graphics, computer vision and computer animation. The description of surfaces is also of interest in geographic information systems, multimedia, and many other areas of science and medicine.


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Proceedings of the IMA Conference on Mathematics of Robotics