IMA50 Maths Walks

IMA50 Maths Walks

As part of the IMA’s 50th birthday celebrations in 2014, we are hoping to develop a series of legacy projects. These are intended to raise awareness of mathematics in our daily lives and in particular to stimulate the interest of many young people so that they will go on to be the mathematicians of the future. One of these legacy projects is the creation of a set of regional Maths Walks.

Steve explaining the initial route around Bath

What is a Maths Walk?

The idea behind a maths walk is to have a walking route around your local area which explores mathematical aspects of the sites in the vicinity. These could vary, for example, from the mathematical shapes in a burglar alarm to the modelling of the wave patterns behind a duck on the river. We are inviting you to help create such a walk within your region.

How could I create one in my area?

The IMA are happy to give support and guidance and to provide links to other appropriate organisations.

Where can I find advice and useful resources online to help me develop a maths walk?

There are lots of things to consider, for example, you need to think about your intended audience, they could be a school group or local tourists or even a family on a day out. A great starting point when thinking about a maths walk is the web link Maths Week Ireland at the bottom of the page, which contains a very comprehensive selection of resources created by IMA member Steve Humble (aka Dr Maths!).

Do you have any examples to Maths Walks you have already made?

Some maths walks have already been constructed for Newcastle, Bath, London and Oxford and to celebrate our 50th anniversary the IMA hope to support the creation of many more.

The maths walks should be in the form of a leaflet, and will be placed here on this page of the IMA website, to join the Bath walk below.

Bath Maths Walk Information

This was created by two IMA teacher members Garrod Musto and Steve Humble, following a pleasant evening in which a group of local IMA members walked around Bath and used their collective imaginations to come up with suitable mathematical ideas.

IMA50 Maths Walks

Additional Maths Walks created by IMA members for other organisations during the IMA50 anniversary year

If you would like any further information or support to help you create such a maths walk to launch in 2014 please contact Garrod Musto

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