14th IMA Conference on Mathematics of Surfaces





Wednesday September 11, 2013 Wednesday September 11, 2013 Europe/London 14th IMA Conference on Mathematics of Surfaces IMAUK Date Wednesday 11 – Friday 13 September 2013 Location University of Birmingham Programme Conference Proceedings Computer-based methods for the capture, […] Event Link: https://ima.org.uk/1287/14th-ima-conference-mathematics-surfaces/

14th IMA Conference on Mathematics of Surfaces

Date Wednesday 11 – Friday 13 September 2013
Location University of Birmingham


Conference Proceedings

Computer-based methods for the capture, construction, representation, fitting, interrogation and manipulation of complicated surfaces have led to a wide interest in, and need for, the mathematics of surfaces and related curves. Many applications require the use of surface descriptions, especially in such fields as computer aided design and manufacturing, computer graphics and computer vision. The description of surfaces is also of interest in geographic information systems, multimedia, and many other areas of science and medicine. This diversity and the wide range of applicability of the subject have already enabled the IMA to hold thirteen very successful international conferences in the Mathematics of Surfaces series. The 14th such conference has now been scheduled to be held at the University of Birmingham, UK, between 11-13 September 2013. Several international authorities are being invited to present papers. Papers will be reviewed by an international programme committee.

Three types of papers were sought:

  • Research papers presenting new developments in the capture, representation, manipulation, approximation, fitting, and design of surfaces, with an emphasis on computational methods and their underlying mathematical principles.
  • Research papers covering novel practical applications of surface mathematics in areas such as CAD, computer vision, computer graphics, geographic information systems, and architecture, especially those which pose new problems for the research community.
  • Survey papers describing the state of the art of an aspect of the mathematics of surfaces.

This combination of topics will make the conference of interest to a wide audience of mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers and others. Contributions were sought covering parametric surfaces, implicit surfaces, mesh surfaces, and other representations. A key feature will be the interplay of ideas between the theoreticians in the subject and the users of the techniques. It is hoped that the conference will stimulate research ideas from users and developers of surface modelling systems by presentations of novel problems that may require new theoretical solutions.

On the Friday of the conference there will be an arranged trip to Delcam, CADCAM software creators (http://www.delcam.co.uk/) for all delegates for Steve Hobbs’ invited talk as well as guided tours of the facilities, returning to the University of Birmingham for 14:30.


Fast low-discrepancy sampling of parametric surfaces and meshes
J. A. Quinn, F. C. Langbein, Y. K. Lai, R. R. Martin

Simultaneous registration of multi-view range images with adaptive kernel density estimation
S. McDonagh, R. B. Fisher

Using scaled embedded distances to generate metrics for R2
M. Kapl, F. Aurenhammer, B. Juettler

Beppo Levi polyspline surfaces
A. Bejancu

Moebius-invariant surface energies and ridges
S. Yoshizawa, A. Belyaev

The construction of nearly arc length single segment and piecewise rational Bézier parameterisations of special curves
A. Carter, H. Bez

Model selection for the Dubuc-Deslauriers family of subdivision schemes
G. Mustafa, I. Ivrissimtzis

Polynomial approximations to generalised cornu spiral segments
B. Cross, R. J. Cripps

Sketching and editing B-spline curves using constraints with local influence
J. G. Lambourne, D. Brujic, M. Ristic

Biquintic G2 surfaces
K. Karciauskas and J. Peters

Constructions of principal patches of Dupin cyclides defined by constraints
L. Garnier, L. Druoton

Second order geometric Hermite surface interpolation
G. Valasek, J. Vida

Transfinite surface interpolation over specific curvenet configurations
P. Salvi, T. Várady, A. Rockwood

Reconstructing swept surfaces from measured data
I. Kovács, T. Várady

Derivatives of isogeometric test functions
T. Takacs, B. Juettler

Surface modelling and characterization of forming shoulders
B. J. Hicks, G. Mullineux

Optimizing subdivision solvers of piecewise polynomial systems
J. Mizrahi, G. Elber

Invited Speakers

Alan Ball (University of Birmingham, UK)
Ron Goldman (Rice University, Texas USA)
Steve Hobbs (Delcam, UK)
Ralph Martin (Cardiff University, UK)
Helmut Pottman (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia)


Enquiries should be addressed to one of the members of the Organising Committee:

Dr Bob Cripps, University of Birmingham, email: r.cripps@bham.ac.uk
Prof. Glen Mullineux, University of Bath, email: g.mullineux@bath.ac.uk
Dr M. Sabin, Numerical Geometry Ltd, email: malcolm.sabin@btinternet.com

All other enquiries concerning conference arrangements should be sent to Lizzi Lake (email: conferences@ima.org.uk, Tel: 01702 354020) Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Catherine Richards House, 16 Nelson St., Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England SS1 1EF.


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