ima-gold-medalInstitute Gold Medals are awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions to mathematics and its applications over a period of years.

Contributions that can be considered vary greatly and might take the form of:

  • the building up of a research group of exceptional merit;
  • notable contributions to the application of mathematical techniques;
  • outstanding contributions to the improvement of the teaching of mathematics.

IMA Gold Medal Award 2016

The IMA Council is delighted to announce that two IMA Gold Medals have been awarded in 2016 for outstanding contribution to the improvement of the teaching of mathematics.  The medallists are Professor Tony Croft CMath FIMA, Professor of Mathematics Education, Loughborough University and Professor Duncan Lawson CMath FIMA, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Formative Education, Newman University.

Further details will be announced in the October 2016 issue of Mathematics Today, and the Gold Medal lectures are anticipated in June 2017 when the medals will be awarded to Professors Croft and Lawson.  (Details of the event will be publicised closer to the date.)

Rules for Awarding the IMA Gold Medal

  1. The award of a medal/medals will be made in alternate years beginning with 1982.
  2. Normally one medal will be awarded but the panel of adjudicators will be free to decide to award up to three medals or make no award.
  3. Awards will only be made among nominees who must be members of the Institute recommended by Corporate Members of the Institute. Any Corporate Member, whether resident in the United Kingdom or overseas, may submit a nomination which must be accompanied by appropriate supporting evidence.
  4. The President will appoint a panel of adjudicators who may, if they wish, consult independent referees.
  5. An award or awards will normally be presented at the IMA Summer Lecture occasion, at which the prize winner(s) will normally give the address. (The Summer Lecture usually takes place in June of odd-numbered years, to alternate with the IMA Presidential Address which usually takes place in even-numbered years.
  6. The Gold Medal should not normally be awarded to those currently serving on Council.

IMA Gold Medal winners

2016 Professor A. C. Croft and Professor D. A. Lawson
2014 Clifford Cocks CB D.Sc.
2012 Doctor M. Sabin
2010 Professor L. N. Trefethen, FRS
2008 Professor J. D. Murray, FRS and Professor T. J. Pedley, FRS
2006 Doctor J. R. Ockendon
2004 Professor J. M. T. Thompson, FRS
2002 Professor K. W. Morton and Professor F. C. Piper
2000 Professor I. N. Stewart, FRS
1998 No award
1996 Professor M. J. D. Powell, FRS
1994 Professor F. Ursell, FRS
1992 Professor O. C. Zienkiewicz, FRS
1990 No award
1988 Professor Sir Hermann Bondi, FRS
1986 Professor G. A. Barnard and Professor Sir Sam Edwards, FRS
1984 Doctor J. M. Hammersley, FRS and Sir Alan Wilson, FRS
1982 Professor Sir James Lighthill, FRS and Doctor A. B. Taylor