This page is to highlight information of interest to postgraduates.

Postgraduate University Liaison Officer

In addition to a University Liaison Officer, the IMA also retains a Postgraduate Liaison Officer (PgLO) who is responsible for postgraduate student engagement. As well as raising awareness of the IMA with the postgraduate student population, the PgLO will also be supporting and developing postgraduate conferences and careers events which recently included the well-attended Young Researchers in Maths event held at the University of Oxford. In addition, the PgLO is developing virtual research topic groups for postgraduate students.

University Liaison Grants

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) is keen to increase engagement of Mathematical Sciences postgraduates with the activities of the IMA through grants to Mathematical Subject Matter Groups. A grants scheme for Postgraduate student maths groups will be launched soon. However we are interested in hearing proposals for how you might spend a grant so please send through any proposals to Erica Tyson

For individual grants to postgraduates look at our Support and Grants page.

About the IMA and Membership

For full information about the IMA, see the About us page. Why join the IMA? See Why Join? in the Membership section. For information on the Associate Membership grade, see the Associate grade page.

If you are interested in how IMA Membership, professional development and Chartered Mathematician status can help you information is available in the Professional Affairs section.

Talks and other events

You can find local events from the Branches section, where the IMA has a Branch which is local to them. Events are typically free to attend.

You might be interested in conferences & events run by the IMA Early Career Mathematicians Committee.


As well as a range of research journals, the IMA publishes Mathematics Today, a general interest mathematics publication containing articles, reviews, reports and other news on developments in mathematics and its applications. Institute members receive six issues per year as part of their membership subscription. Find out more in the Publications section.

Pursuing a PhD

Finding funding for PhD can be difficult, there is a little research council money. Unfortunately the IMA does not have the resources to fund research itself, no matter how worthy the topic or the researcher. Mathematicians need to be flexible in their search for funded PhD options. Looking more broadly, under Engineering or Biology and medical science listings as well as the Maths and Computing ones may yield interesting opportunities to take your maths in a new direction. is an excellent resource covering MSc and Postdoc opportunities as well as PhD and include help and advice to support you in the application process.